not business as usual

One day, a group of innovative insight leaders gathered to discuss their passion for doing things differently. A desire to be unshackled, liberated to deliver the most exceptional work possible. It was the birth of Disrupt.

So, here’s your invitation to pull up a stool at our table – the drinks are on us. If you’re as passionate about exceptional insights as we are, you’re in the right place.

Insights possess the unique ability to captivate and engage audiences… and that’s precisely why we have Disrupt Studios, to bring market research to life through multimedia.

Disrupt Studios

Our team

Chris Bland

Chris is an insight strategist accustomed to tackling difficult challenges no matter what the sector. He’s been a trusted insight partner to some of the biggest global brands and disruptor challenger brands across his career. He’s at his most disruptive with a large mug of tea in-hand, delivering creative outputs and the strategies that will link the influences of choice to the commercial realities.

Holliday Fitch-Peyton

An insight storyteller, Holliday is well versed working with clients to unpick complex problems. Joining the dots across data sources, she helps clients put people and insight at the heart of decision making. With experience across sectors with a range of global and local brands, she delivers impactful insight which cuts to the core of a problem, told in a way which is both compelling and simple to understand. Outside research, her interests include oil painting and yoga. Though never at the same time…

Matthew Rice-Haynes

Matt has worked both client and agency side, initially beginning his insight career in UX research almost two decades ago. These days, his main focus is optimising client-agency partnerships, and at his most disruptive when bridging the gap between research theory and commercial practice. When not at work, Matt can often be found perusing eclectic antique shops - with a particular penchant for amassing an impressive array of portraits.
A man in a creased shirt

Antonio Margaritelli

Antonio is a quant researcher with specialisms in gaming, gambling, media, telecoms & finance. He has helped a vast array of global clients tackle some particularly knotty business challenges and unlock growth. His academic background in Cognitive and Decision Science from UCL has enabled him to pioneer innovative techniques including AI into research solutions to help reduce the ‘say – do’ gap and understand how consumers really feel. Antonio is sci-fi nerd and huge West Ham United & Dorking Wanderers fan.

Beer Khamtonwong

Beer is a problem solver at heart, and has brought this to the research world across a wide variety of sectors. He's at his most disruptive when he's doing what he loves which is getting stuck into projects and really unpicking the issues that his clients face. A rejector of 'one size fits all' research, he has a passion for tailoring approaches to what the specific problem requires. Outside of work you're likely to find him on the golf course, and even more likely off in the trees trying to find his ball.